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Memphis BBQ Pig Rub


  • Despite the name and, even though it is amazing with Pork, this versatile rub will go with pretty much anything! With its rick, smoky sweet flavours, this rub can be used with anything on a BBQ- even fruit! Our most popular rub, it is at its best when paired with our Memphis Red Sauce- absolute perfection!

       This rub is exceptional on pork, chicken, and ribs. Sprinkle it on heavily, rub over, and cook over indirect heat. When grilling or in a pan keep a watchful eye out for charring or scorching. Move the meat to a cooler spot, remove the pan, or turn down the oven if it looks like it might burn.

    Try using it for perfect:
    • Pulled Pork
    • Chicken
    • Home-made burgers (or shop bought!)
    • BBQ Ribs
    • Sweet potato or regular fries
    • Fish, ribs or roast meats

    Allergens: None

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