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Rocoto Sweet chilli Salmon - FireFly Barbecue

Rocoto Sweet chilli Salmon

Rocoto Sweet chilli Salmon


What you need

chopping board, knife,, pastry brush, temperature probe



salmon steak

Ghost Chilli Cajun Rub

a good shake to cover.

1 lemon cut in ½

100ml Rocoto Sweet Chilli Sauce



salmon skin side down Give a squeeze of lemon juice and apply good even coat of Ghost Chilli Cajun Rub


place on tray and cook at 150c /300f /gas mark 2,

I am cooking mine on the BBQ with charcoal and apple wood for smoke.

But you can cook in the oven you just won’t get the smoke you get with a BBQ.

About ½ way though cooking start applying the Chilli Sauce use a brush or rolled up bunch of thyme it all adds to the finished dish.

Cook the salmon to 62c / 145f is target temp.

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