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Greek Fire Charcoal

Greek Fire Charcoal

Greek Fire CharcoalGreek Fire Charcoal






Greek Fire Charcoal is a composite charcoal made from chips and sawdust from beech, oak, and hardwood (?seems ambiguous?). Not the easiest to get in the UK but in the EU fairly easy.

Click on the image for the detailed Flameboss Cook

Flameboss Greek Fire

Blue = Set Temp 230F | Red = Pit Temp | Green = Fan Speed

ThermaQ Greek Fire


Chimney weighed in at 2.3Kg
Bloody hard to start on its own 5 wood wools and a torch
Not much ash but i did have a lump un-burnt at the end
Damn that's a long burn time 9 h 30 min
Fan did a lot more work
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