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Probe placement has always been an issue with BBQ cooks. We believe the most accurate place to set your pit probe is close to the food you are cooking. Many times there is not enough space on the cooking grate to sneak a probe in without touching the food product (which would create inaccurate temperatures). 

Now there is The Guru Probe Tree. This product is the answer to organizing the probes you use in your cooker. The Probe Tree is made from high temperature, food grade silicon and stainless steel. To use the Probe Tree, simply push the silicone wedge into the cooking grate until is firmly mounted, and place your cooking probes into the adjustable probe holders on the stainless steel stem. We have also provided space between the silicon holders for placing probes with Alligator Clips and the Guru's Cayman clip.

The Guru Probe tree is dishwasher safe and will last for years when cared for properly. The high temperature silicone is safe to 650°F (340°C) but should not be exposed to direct flame.

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