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Indulge in the genuine flavour of Jamaica with our jerk rub. Crafted using natural ingredients with low sugar, this rub boasts a unique and rich taste that is suitable for all events. Imbibe the Caribbean heat and relish the blend of spices that exudes a tropical vibe.

The legendary Mecca for Jamaican Jerk is Boston Beach on the northeastern end of Jamaica.  Here, most of the vendors have built huts over fires on the beach like the inhabitants that came before them. Boston Beach jerk seasoning is an entirely different type of "jerk" seasoning to what we are used to in the UK, using green peppers, spring onions, and a more delicate blend of allspice and thyme than commercial rubs. We still use Scotch Bonnet Chillies for an authentic flavour, but we have toned it down to warm, but the whole family can enjoy it.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Allspice, Green Pepper, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Thyme, Black Pepper, Shallot, Cinnamon, Lime, Chive, Nutmeg, Orange, Scotch Bonnet Chilli.

Allergens: None

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight.

Heat Level: 4

Key Features: Vegetarian, Halal, No E Nasties, No M.S.G., Sugar-Free

Awards: Great Taste 2019 Gold Star

Weight: 200g

Sprinkle on pork, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Mix with oil to create a paste.

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