Ozpig 2 Pro Cook Bundle

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Ozpig 2 Pro Cook Bundle

The Ozpig 2 Pro Cook Bundle comes with everything you need to get you started cooking like a pro using wood or charcoal.

  • 1 x Ozpig 2 BBQ Stove
  • 1 x Ozpig heat bead charcoal basket
  • 1 x Ozpig diffuser
  • Ozpig Rotisserie
  • Ozpig Chargrill Plate & drip tray
  • 2kg natural charcoal that can be used as a charcoal bed for the oven smoker or in the charcoal (heat bead) basket.
  • box of 50 natural twisted wax firelighters. (wood wool)
  • kiln-dried hardwood splits of a great size for the S2 and Big Pig (Approx 23kg)