Ozpig Series 2 & Oven Smoker Combo

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Ozpig Series 2 & Oven Smoker Combo

Ozpig Series 2 & Oven Smoker Bundle

The Ozpig, which resembles a small pig on legs, has a specially designed chimney and is used with the door in an open position to provide the enjoyment and ambience of a contained fuel efficient, open fire. In recent years the developers’ passion for cooking kicked in and the unit has been further developed to double as a multi purpose cooking station to further complement the original heating function.

The  Ozpig Oven Smoker is the perfect companion designed to be used in conjunction with the Ozpig – the Oven Smoker is capable of maintaining stable temperatures for low and slow cooking and smoking (Great for American Style BBQ). Temperatures can be dialled up for roasting meats and vegetables all the way through-to much higher heats for cooking wood fired pizzas, giving it true versatility.

  • 1 x Ozpig 2 BBQ Stove
  • 1 x OzpigOven Smoker