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Creole Sauce is a fundamental component of Louisiana Cuisine, brimming with Southern charm. It pairs well with chicken, shrimp, sausage, pork, and fish, making it a versatile dish. It takes the classic combination of green bell peppers, onions, and celery to a whole new level of culinary artistry. Adding in bay leaves, white pepper, cayenne, oregano, and thyme (which are also a trio of flavours on their own) can elevate an ordinary dinner into a remarkable feast - especially when prepared with an authentic Louisiana homemade roux.

Ingredients: Tomato, Water, CELERY, Green Bell Pepper, Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Sea Salt, Spring Onion, Lemon, Garlic, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Cayenne, Cane Sugar, Hungarian Paprika, Thyme, Bay, Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary.

Allergens: CELERY

Storage: Shake well before use. Once opened, Pop it in the Fridge & use it within 2 weeks.

Heat Level: 3

Key Features: Vegetarian, Halal, No E Nasties, No MSG

Awards: Clifton Chilli Club 2023 Bronze

Usage: Warm the sauce in a pan and pour over cooked chicken, shrimp or omelettes. Use as a base sauce for Gumbo and Jambalaya.

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