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MONOLITH Smart Grid System CLASSIC - cast iron plancha

Monolith cast plate for the Smart Grid System (SGS) of the Pro 1.0 series of the Monolith Classic ceramic grill.

The semi-circular plancha made of cast iron takes up half the grill surface of the Classic and can be used together with one of the stainless steel grates or a cast iron grate.

Due to the material properties, a cast plate ensures intensive branding on the food to be grilled and the associated delicious roasted aromas.

Small pieces of food in particular, which would fall through between the braces of a grill can be grilled perfectly on a plancha.

Prepare pancakes, scrambled eggs, seafood and many other goodies on your monolith grill.


Watch this video on unboxing and setting up you Monolith Rotisserie Plancha


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