Premium Beech Cold Smoking Wood Dust (200g)

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Beech - A nice mild wood and a good all-rounder,  which is great for whatever you care to use it with.  Good with meat and seafood.

There is no substitute for that American wood smoked meat flavour, and now you can create it in your own back garden.

free from bark and are specifically harvested, from sustainable forests, for food smoking.

  • 100% natural and harvested from sustainable sources
  • Harvested specifically for food smoking
  • Contain little or no bark
  • Bark – If the wood you use still has the bark on, it will impart a bitter flavour to your food. The bark is also the tree’s protection and often contains stuff like mould, old bug carcasses, bug poo and other unsavoury contaminants.
  • Origin – Where the wood comes from is of great importance… Be friendly to our environment by buying woods that are harvested from sustainable resources. I often hear of people visiting the local woodworking shop to ask for off-cuts/ shavings, while this may be saving you money, please make sure that the wood you’re getting has not been treated, doesn’t contain traces of oil used to lubricate the saws and hasn’t been swept from the floor. If you’re harvesting your own wood (the cherry tree has fallen over in the backyard) do not use wood that has been cut with a chainsaw, as most chainsaw blades are lubricated by oil. It’s time-consuming and hard work, but if you’re going to use the wood for food smoking, use a hand saw and make sure you remove the bark.
  • Wood Variety – The type of wood you use will make a huge difference. The general “rule of thumb” is that fruit woods are mild and nut woods produce a very strong flavour.