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Texas Spicy Triple Cheeseburger - FireFly Barbecue

Texas Spicy Triple Cheeseburger

Texas Spicy Triple Cheeseburger


What you need

Burger flipper, mixing Bowl, knife, Chopping board, temperature probe



50z Burgers

Texas Spicy BBQ rub (to dust)

America cheese

Pepper Jack cheese

Cheddar cheese


Iceberg lettuce’s 

Beer Fried onions  

Sliced tomato

Texas honey BBQ rib sauce 


Veg oil


Not much to say really everyone has a favourite mix or butcher that has the best this not about who has best adding a sprinkle Texas Spicy BBQ rub

will take to the next level

Give the burger patties a good sprinkling of Texas Spicy BBQ rub, add little oil to help not stick when cooking add cheese and let it melt, stack up however you like I’m a big fan of beer fried onion so plenty of them. A good splash of Texas honey BBQ rib sauce all stacked up how you like no right or wrong way on this one

Safe cooking temp 160 F / 71 c   

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