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Pimento Wood

If you're not grilling over Pimento Wood, you can't call it jerk!

The meat is placed directly on top of the green wood. As the chicken cooks, it absorbs oils directly from the surface of the wood and also gets imbued with the fragrant steam and smoke produced by the greenwood. Pimento wood sticks can also be used with sweet wood sticks together during the cooking process to bring that perfect flavour combination to your food. Pimento wood is essential to creating authentic jerk flavour. If you are not using pimento for making your jerk dishes, it’s not Jerk!

If you have never had authentic Jamaican Jerk before, this treat will leave your friends and family begging you to make it over and over again. The famous jerk stands in Jamaica, such as Scotchies, etc., use pimento and sweet wood when making their jerk.

Has this wood been treated?

As per the Jamaican Governments Export Requirements, this wood has been heated and treated (no chemicals involved whatsoever!), but Pimento cannot leave Jamaica without this certificate, which we have.

Pimento Wood Chunks

Pimento Wood Chunks/Assorted Size Sticks- Perfect for your longer cooks and grills like the Monolith Kamado, Kamado Joe, and Big Green Egg ceramic-type grills.

Best used for Ribs, Whole Turkeys, Chicken, and  Beef Briskets

Pimento Leaves

The Pimento or Jamaican Allspice leaf contains as much, if not more flavour than the Pimento Berries used for spice. Throw them on the coals for a spicy smoke, or place them in a pan of water over the heat to create an incredibly flavorful steam for any meat. You can also use it as a spice in your Jerk rubs or in place of bay leaves for any dish. NOTE: PIMENTO LEAVES VARY IN SIZE AND COLOUR, naturally dried in the sun. Some will be the whole leaf, but since they are dried they also are in pieces.

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