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Pro Q Cocoshell Briquettes

This weekends charcoal Test was ProQ's Cocoshell Briquettes another of the premium brands out there. I have put them in the composite group because they are not really briquettes as we know them like the webers, but are 1 inch little black Borg cubes.
Same test as before 1 ProQ chimney (2.649 kg)
UDS Drum, Flameboss 200 set to 230F, and ThermaQ.

Click on the image for the detailed Flameboss Cook



Blue = Set Temp 230F | Red = Pit Temp | Green = Fan Speed

thermaQ proQ cocoshell


  • Damn these are heavy.
  • Seriously hard to get lit and up to burning chimney and I ended up using charcoal to light it.
  • Cubes might not be the best design for air flow. Still took 20 m to get going with fan assist.
  • Still look at that burn time, low drop off, and ash nothing left.
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