Reaver's Carolina Reaper Chilli BBQ Rub

Reaver's Carolina Reaper Chilli BBQ Rub

Whose man enough to get their Carolina Reaper rub on?

If BBQs are your thing, if you like to own the BBQ grill in the garden then get serious with our crazily epic Carolina Reaper Extreme Heat BBQ Rub. You’re going to want to plan this one well. Maybe a separate area to cook anything it touches as it is VERY HOT! Certainly don’t trick Granddad with it and for goodness’ sake, don’t feed any to the dog!

NOT JUST FOR SUMMER – if you want to experience the hottest chilli in the world you don’t have to wait for barbecue weather to do it. Cook up a literal explosion of spice, flavour and tongue tingling taste with our epic BBQ rub

SOURCE – with spicy, American inspired flavours our barbecue seasoning are made on UK soil and presented to you in a handy shaker jar, so you can shake away and season your pork, fish, beef and chicken to your hearts content

100% NATURAL – we are proud to say that our gluten free seasoning rub contains no MSG or sulphates, in fact it doesn’t have anything artificial in it at all, it is 175ml of pure tasty goodness suitable for coeliac sufferers 

FLAVOUR – carefully blended with the finest chilli salts, peppers, herbs and spices it really does pack a lethal punch that has the potential to keep you up all night. Each jar contains 10% Carolina Reaper chilli powder

INGREDIENTS – at 2.2 million SHU’s, Carolina Reaper Chilli is the HOTTEST in the world! It’s going to more than tingle, it’s probably going to burn, you’re going to know you’ve eaten it for some time after, so be prepared!


What a BBQ rub can do for you….

It’s not a marinade, it’s a rub so this means that applying it to your favourite fish and meat will create a very tasty crust on the outside when grilled on a coal or gas BBQ or safely inside on the grill in the kitchen. You can even cook in a frying pan or the oven for great tasting food. The crust will work to seal in all the flavour and juices. Use it on just about any cut of meat including ribs, for the most intense flavour ever! If you choose to rub it on fish, we recommend covering in baking foil to keep in the moisture.

If you’re brave enough, here’s a serving suggestion

FireFly Barbecue rubs can be applied as soon as a few minutes prior to grilling or barbecuing for thinner cuts, but for bigger cuts the best flavour comes as a result of letting the meat rest, covered, in the refrigerator overnight or for at least a few hours. Let the meat come to room temperature prior to cooking it.

1. Simply apply the rub directly to the meat using the shaker or mix with some oil to form a paste. Try to place the rub evenly across the piece of meat you are cooking. You can either stop here or you can rub the spices into the meat.

2. Once you have the meat covered with your BBQ rub you are ready to get the meat on to the BBQ or grill for cooking.

3. Proceed with caution as Carolina Reaper is ever so hot, maybe have a drink on standby!

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