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Drip-Ez - Fast. Clean. Easy.

Fast clean up for slow cooking! Drip EZ Drip Pan Inserts keep your drip pan clean for better flavour with every cook! Drip pan inserts can be changed in seconds with one hand and without removing the grate from your pellet grill. Faster, cleaner and easier than foil! Simple! Just lift your grate and place 3-pack of inserts onto drip pan. Before your next cook just lift the great and peel off the top insert--with a clean one ready to go!

Drip Pan Inserts come in a 3-pack for easy convenience!

Designed for the Peak, Ledge, Trek, Jim Bowie, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett

Directions for Installation:

  1. Remove cardboard packaging and adhesive from drip pack inserts.
  2. Make sure the pellet grill is turned off and cool. Open lid and lift grilling grate up from front edge.
  3. Insert 3-pack of drip pan inserts onto the drip pan.
  4. Set drip pan insert(s) into the steel drip pan and angle sides to ensure that the top edge of the insert reaches the edge of the drip pan.

Directions for Removal:

  1. Make sure the pellet grill is turned off and cool.
  2. Open the lid and lift the grilling grate up from the front edge.
  3. Remove the top, and use the pan insert to reveal the new, clean drip pan insert underneath.
  4. When all drip pan inserts have been used, insert new pack.


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