GMG Pellet Grill Meat Temperature Probe

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GMG Pellet Grill Meat Temperature Probe

Replacement Part

Product Description

This is a genuine Green Mountain Grills BBQ accessory.  This GMG Probe ships new in original Green Mountain Grills packaging.

GMG Part Number: P-1035 | P-1208

Part Description: The GMG Meat Probe enables the GMG grill to know what temperature is in the meat (or the pellet BBQ).  Some customers want a second probe for more temperature control (or two kinds of meats) whereas some customers simply need to replace their existing probe as they do break over time.

Applicable Models: 

  • P-1035 – Green Mountain Grills Choice Models 110V Davy Crocket | Daniel Boone | Jim Bowie
  • P-1208 – Green Mountain Grills Prime Models 12V Daniel Boone | Jim Bowie

Purpose: Allows you to monitor the meat (or ambient) temperature on the grill’s display screen or anywhere else through our Wi-Fi enabled app.

Installation Tips:Simply plug the probe in – and it's good to go!

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