Pit Barrel Hanging Skewers Value Pack

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Pit Barrel Hanging Skewers Value Pack

If you're looking to go all-in and utilize every inch of the Pit Barrel® these skewers are a must for your grilling and smoking repertoire as it brings yet another dimension to the unique Pit Barrel® experience. 

You can't call yourself a grillmaster if you haven't perfected your skewering game. Whether you prefer meat, vegetable, or kebab skewer, these reusable stainless-steel vertical hanging skewers allow you to mix, match, and cook your choice of meat and vegetables like never before. The skewers open up a whole new endless road of possibilities for your next BBQ. 

The stainless steel vertical meat skewers are ready to hang from your hooks right out of the box. This Hanging Skewer Value pack includes a total of 6 skewers. 

PBC Skewer Value Pack includes:

10" Hanging Skewers (4-Pack)

15" Hanging Skewers (2-Pack)