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Taking a common tool to the next level isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what we set out to do with our "Ultimate"-line. 

Any chef will tell you the most important tool he or she has is a good knife. Since the Pit Barrel® is the best outdoor cooker on the market, making a blade that carries our name had to be done with the highest attention to the symbiotic relationship of form, function, and value, consistent with the Pit Barrel® brand.

The beautiful stainless steel Damascus blades are individually forged, producing an incredibly strong, sharp, easy to maintain edge, and an intricate design unique to each knife. Our signature real wood handle feels great in the hand, and the custom carved Pit Barrel® button and laser-etched logo let you know that we are proud to stand behind this product. 

This 8” Chefs Knife is an amazing all-around, go-to knife, and a testament to our commitment to the Pit Barrel® brand and our valued customers. 

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