5 New Great Taste Awards

August 01, 2017

5 New Great Taste Awards | FireFly Barbecue

5 GOLD Star Awards for FireFly Barbecue.

FireFly Barbecue has been awarded 5 GOLD Great Taste awards from the Guild of Fine Food for their barbecue Sauces and Rubs. This was our first year of entry to the awards and winning so many for barbecue out over 12,000 entries show just how far British barbecue has come in the last few years.

The Guild of Fine Food underpins the British speciality food sector, with the recognised Great Taste awards for produce that surpasses excellence in quality, taste and innovation.

GOLD stars were awarded for our hand smoked Himalayan Salt, Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce, Memphis Red BBQ Sauce, Reaver's Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, and Kansas Sweet and Smoky BBQ Sauce.

Rigorous Judging

Over 500 judges working in small teams judged 12,366 food and drink products this year at 62 judging days, from March through to early July.  They awarded one-, two or three-stars to the foods that deserved it and one of the judges on each team captured constructive feedback for the producers who didn’t quite make the grade.

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