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If you're not grilling over Pimento Wood, you can't call it Jerk!

Is this wood the genuine article?
The Pimento wood is the genuine article, it has been imported with the full approval of the Jamaican Government, it has been cleared by the UK Forestry Commission, and we are enrolled in the Forestry Commission's Firewood Notification Scheme as a registered importer of this wood.

Has this wood been treated?
Per the Jamaican Government's Export Requirements, this wood has been heated treated (no chemicals involved whatsoever!), but Pimento cannot leave Jamaica without this certificate, which we have.

How do I use Pimento Chunks?
When using Pimento chunks, we have found that they do burn quite quickly if you put them directly onto the heat source, but if you soak them for a couple of hours or overnight and then wrap them loosely in tin foil with a couple of holes poked through the foil and then place on the heat source you will certainly extend the smoking time of the chunks.

What size are the Pimento Chunks?
The Pimento chunks are about 4" (10cm) all round (fist size).

Contains: 1 kg bag of small chunks of pimento wood of different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking on the internet for price comparison, remember.

1.1lb = 500g, 2.2lb = 1kg

What does ‘Jerk’ mean?

Food historians tell us that “Jerk” is a Spanish word from the Peruvian “Charqui” meaning dried strips of meat.  Hence the term “Jerky”.  The word started as a noun and became a verb meaning “to poke holes” in the meat so the spices could permeate it. It could have come from turning the meat in the marinade or from how some people jerk a strip from the roast on the BBQ. We may never know for sure.


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