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Great Taste Awards 2023 Results - FireFly Barbecue

Great Taste Awards 2023 Results

Smoky Jalapeno Jam
Entry: 1406 / 33
Star rating 2-Star
There is a very welcoming aroma to this green-hued jam. The sweetness opens, then the the smoky notes follow, producing a well-balanced condiment with intensity and fun. This has a really good consistency and is perfectly set.. The aroma is sweet and vinegary but inviting, and there is the right level of smoke


Peruvian Rocoto Sweet Chilli Sauce
Entry: 1406 / 34
Star rating 2-Star


This chilli sauce has a colourful blended texture, with a full vegetal nose and sweeter hints. There's a lovely zesty lime element that then comes onto the palate without lingering, but bringing through the other flavours with some pleasant sweetness, not overwhelming and mellowing out with the other ingredients but enlivening the peppers and vinegar. It's a well-balanced sauce, which would be both versatile and enjoyable in equal measure..

Carolina Honey Mustard BBQ sauce
Entry: 1802 / 26
Star rating 1-Star


This sauce has attractive colour with nice flecks of spice. It is full of sharp tanginess that almost makes your eyes water, followed by a well-balanced heat that keeps on giving.

Korean BBQ Sauce
Entry: 1801 / 10
Star rating 1-Star


This sauce has a smooth consistency. We like the fact it isn't too sweet or overly hot, and is well-balanced. The miso really comes through, and gives it a complexity of flavour.


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