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Lone Star Beef Rib - FireFly Barbecue

Lone Star Beef Rib

Lone Star Beef Rib


What you need 

Tinfoil or peach paper, chopping board, sharp knife, tray, temperature probe



Beef Short rib

2 tablespoons Dallas lone star Beef Rub (a good shake until well covered)

150ml Beer

150ml Beef stock

50ml Carolina honey mustard gold BBQ sauce


This is easily one of my favourite things to eat a real treat in my house

Trim off all excess fat and silver skin so the rub will stick add a good splash of Carolina honey mustard gold BBQ sauce, then a good coat of Dallas lone star Beef RUB

and let it get to know each other for a 1hour or so at this time get the BBQ temp to 300c. Add to BBQ and cook for about 2 hours until you get a nice bark on the short rib. When you are happy with the bark's look add to tray or just wrap in the foil or peach paper with beer and beef stock mix. Add back and cook till the probe go in like hot knife into butter. You want very little resistance iv not give times as each chunk of meat is different it’s probably approx. 2 hours after being wrapped. But this depends on the size and if you kept constant temp after you are happy with the cook take off and open the foil or paper and let the short rib vent and rest the bark will be soft but will harden back up. 

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