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Firecracker Ghost Chilli Cajun Chicken - FireFly Barbecue

Firecracker Ghost Chilli Cajun Chicken

Firecracker Ghost Chilli Cajun Chicken


What you need

Chopping, knife, big bowl, temperature probe



Chicken pieces (legs and thighs are best)

2 tablespoon Ghost Chilli Cajun seasoning rub

100ml Louisiana rib & wing BBQ sauce

lime (zest and juice)

2 cloves garlic (grated) 



Add chicken pieces to a bowl, add zest and juice of the limes and grated garlic. Give the chicken a good coating in the fruit juice this will help for the Ghost chilli hot Cajun seasoning RUB to stick I am a fan of fruitwoods with some oak for things like chicken cook the chicken when getting close to finished start to add sauce, 3-5 layers to build up a fantastic crust and immense depth of flavour I like a dark charred bit on my BBQ, so I always finish over hot embers when you are happy with the colour of chicken, and it is cooked through (the juices should run clear at this point) for me I like extra Louisiana rib & wing BBQ sauce pour over when take-off this is a straightforward dish packed with flavour


safe cooking temp 75c


you can cook this dish in the oven at gas mark 4 / 177c / 350f

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