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Mojo Spatchcock Chicken - FireFly Barbecue

Mojo Spatchcock Chicken

Mojo Spatchcock Chicken


Chopping Board


Kitchen Scissors

Pastry Brush

Temperature Probe


1 whole chicken (you can buy a spatchcock chicken if you aren't confident of doing it yourself, but it isn't difficult to do)

2tbsp Florida Cuban Mojo rub

100ml Award Winning Memphis Red BBQ sauce to glaze


Take the whole chicken and, with kitchen scissors, cut down each side of the backbone. Remove it (keep to use for stock if you like) turnover the chicken and press down to flatten the bird out.

After the bird is flatted, score the skin with a sharp knife, and dust with Florida Cuban mojo rub and leave to marinate for 5- 10 minutes, allowing the rub to do its magic. Place on the BBQ and cook for 30-45 mins to cook the chicken through until the juices run clear and the internal temp is 75 degrees C (minimum safe temperature to eat).

When the chicken has approx 20 minutes left to cook, start to add the Memphis red BBQ sauce. Keep brushing it on to build up a thick glaze- I’m a fan of dark charred bits so if this happens don’t worry, it adds to the flavour.  


Safe cooking temp 75c

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