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Miss Maria's cod cakes - FireFly Barbecue

Miss Maria's cod cakes

Miss Maria's cod cakes



Chopping board

Food processor

Temperature probe


500g cod

A good hanful frozen peas (defrosted)

2tbsp Santa Maria seasoning rub

1 whole egg

1 handful parsley, chopped

Flour, for coating

Beaten egg, for coating

Breadcrumbs, for coating


Add the fish & peas to the food processor and give it a little pulse, then add chopped spring onion, chopped parsley and  Santa-maria seasoning rub. Pulse.Add 1 egg then give it a little pulse to mix together- don’t over pulse as you don’t want a puree, you want it to have all different size bits for texture.

Set mix aside in fridge to chill, this will make it easier to shape.

This stage is a bit messy, so it's a good idea to get the kids involved! Mould the fish cakes into small balls and press down a little to make the right shape. Toss gently in flour, then egg, and finally into breadcrumbs, making sure that the fish cakes are well coated. You can cook them in lots of different ways, it's totally up to you. You can deep fry, pan fry, bake in the oven, or on the BBQ- you want a nice golden brown and piping hot with an internal temp of 65 degrees C and above.

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