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Noel's Korean pork belly cubes - FireFly Barbecue

Noel's Korean pork belly cubes

Noel's Korean pork belly cubes


Chopping board

Sharp knife

Temperature probe


2kg Pork belly, cut into large cubes 

500ml Apple juice

1-2tbsp Memphis BBQ pig rub

300ml Korean BBQ sauce


Rub pork belly cubes with Memphis BBQ pig rub and coat evenly.

Let the meat marinade in the rub for 1 hour until starts to go sticky.

Take the pork belly and put into tray with the apple juice and cook slow at 250F / 130C until almost cooked (juices run clear and meat is tender and soft) . If you are doing this in the oven this will take approx. 2 hours depending on the size or pork belly cubes.

After pork belly is cooked and starting to become soft, pour over the Korean BBQ sauce.  Continue to cook until the sauce has become very sticky.

when cooking them on the BBQ, I like to use cherry wood to give that amazing smoky note to the pork belly cubes.


Safe cooking temp internal temp of 75c

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