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The 14" Pit Barrel® Junior is the perfect compact grill and smoker for fans of our larger models. The PBJ fits in just about any car, making it ideal for camping, tailgating, or wherever you may want to prepare amazing food. Hang brisket, brats, vegetables, half-ribs, and more. Set it, forget it, and then enjoy! Each 14" Pit Barrel® Junior Drum cooker can come paired with an optional accessory package featuring our favourite Pit Barrel® add-ons for an unbeatable value.

PBJ Standard (what's in the box)

  • 14" Steel Drum/Lid
  • 4 Stainless Steel Hooks
  • 2 Steel Hanging Rods
  • Charcoal Basket
  • Standard Grill Grate
  • Wooden Hook Remover
  • 3-Point Barrel Stand
  • Does not include the Pit Barrel rubs as these are not available in the UK
Junior Pit Barrel Features 

- Unique Hanging Cooking Method
- Medium Barrel Capacity
- Smoke, Grill or BBQ
- 4 Hanging Hooks
- Adjustable Vents
- Great Results Every time
- No Assembly Needed
- For Use With Charcoal Or Briquettes

Junior Pit Barrel Dimensions
H 83 x W 54 x D 54cm

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