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No place like home  whole chicken - FireFly Barbecue

No place like home whole chicken

No place like home whole chicken


Temperature probe


Pastry brush 


1 chicken 1.4/2kg 

2 tablespoon Kansas sweet & smoky BBQ RUB

California apple BBQ sauce


Add a good coat of Kansas sweet & smoky BBQ rub to the chicken,then let the chicken sit until the rub becomes nice and tacky. Add a chunk or 2 of fruit wood (or whatever wood  you like) to the smoker. Place the chicken onto the BBQ and cook chicken at 150c / 300f / gas mark 2 until juice run clear and the internal temperature has reached 75C (the minimum safe tempereature). This will take approx. 90mins depending on size of bird.

Apply good layer of California apple BBQ sauce to the chicken with a pastry brush. Place back into cook for approx. 15mins on a higher heat to let the glaze set .

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