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Mojo Halloumi kebabs - FireFly Barbecue

Mojo Halloumi kebabs

Mojo Halloumi kebabs


Sharp knife

Chopping board

Pastry brush/sauce brush

Kebab skewers


2 block Halloumi, cut into chunks

2 tablespoons Florida Cuban mojo BBQ rub

1 Red Pepper, cut into good size chunks

2 Red onion, cut wedges

1 Corn on cob, cut into 6

rapeseed oil, good splash

6 cloves fresh Garlic, grated

Small handful chopped parsley

Small handful chopped coriander

1 charred lemon


Cut halloumi and veggies into suitable size so all will cook even

Fill the kebabs with halloumi & veggies until full, then finish off with sweetcorn-this will help keep it all on the skewer when cooking.

Mix Florida Cuban mojo BBQ rub with good splash of oil, juice from charred lemon, parsley & coriander, then brush onto kebabs, though out cooking.

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