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Memphis ghost wings - FireFly Barbecue

Memphis ghost wings

Memphis ghost wings


Chopping Board


Mixing Bowl

Temperature Probe


1kg Chicken wings

Memphis BBQ pig RUB

Reavers ghost chilli Louisiana creole (to coat)


Chilli (sliced)

Spring onion (chopped)


Rub the wings with Memphis BBQ pig rub

Let sit for 30 minutes for rub to start to work its magic, add to BBQ and start to cook with some applewood chunks.

 When almost cooked, start to apply the Reavers ghost chilli Louisiana creole sauce with a pastry brush- keep doing this till you build up a good, charred coating all over the wings( if you get some darker bits that’s cool, I think it’s the best part). Take off the heat when cooked through*.

Add sliced chilli and spring onion to garnish, and a good splash of Reaver's ghost chilli Louisiana creole if you feel saucy.


*Safe cooking temp 75c


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