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Yuzu Glazed Pork Belly - FireFly Barbecue

Yuzu Glazed Pork Belly

Yuzu Glazed Pork Belly


Chopping Board

Sharp Knife

Temperature Probe


2kg piece pork belly

Kansas sweet and smoky bbq rub

Japanese Yuzu ponzu BBQ sauce


Remove the skin of the pork belly and dice into large even cubes (approx 2 inch).

Apply the Kansas sweet & smoky BBQ rub evenly all over the pork cubes and allow to marinate for 10 minutes or so. Cook at 150c / 300f /gas mark 2 until soft and tender, this will take about 90 minutes (apple and pecan wood are perfect if you are smoking on the BBQ, or you can cook in the oven but you will not get the extra flavour from the smoke). When the pork gets nice and tender, add a good splash of Japanese yuzu-ponzu BBQ sauce. Continue to cook until you have a sticky coating of sauce on the pork belly cubes, about another 30 minutes.

*Times can change a bit, depending on the size of pork belly cubes.


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