Memphis sweet chilli Salmon

March 28, 2021

Memphis sweet chilli Salmon | FireFly Barbecue

Memphis sweet chilli Salmon


Chopping Board


Pastry Brush

Temperature Probe


Salmon Steak

Memphis Pig Rub- 1-2 tbsp, depending on size of salmon

! lemon, cut in half

100ml Peruvian Rocoto Sweet Chilli sauce


Place the salmon skin side down onto the board.Give a squeeze of lemon juice and apply a generous coating of Memphis BBQ pig rub.

Place on a tray and cook at 150c /300f /gas mark 2( I cook mine on the BBQ with charcoal and applewood for the smoke).

About halfway though cooking, start applying the Peruvian Rocoto Sweet Chilli Sauce -you can use a brush or even a rolled up bunch of thyme, it all adds to the finished dish.

Cook the salmon to 62c / 145f then serve.

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