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BBQ Flatbread & Mojo Pumpkin Seed Pesto - FireFly Barbecue

Nov 19, 2021

BBQ Flatbread & Mojo Pumpkin Seed Pesto

BBQ Flatbread & Mojo Pumpkin Seed Pesto For the Mojo Pumpkin pesto  200 grams pumpkin cubed 25 grams pumpkin se...
Easy Chile Con Carne - FireFly Barbecue

Jun 24, 2018

Easy Chile Con Carne

Rich, warming and comforting, chili con carne is a favourite recipe that I love to cook over an open fire.
Chilli Cheese Cornbread - FireFly Barbecue

Jul 29, 2015

Chilli Cheese Cornbread

If there is one side dish you should make for every barbecue this is it! It's packed full of flavour and it is vegeta...
Perfect Party Corn dogs - FireFly Barbecue

Jul 29, 2015

Perfect Party Corn dogs

A short video recipe showing how to make corn dog's for you barbecue party.  

Jan 31, 2015

BBQ Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Time: 30 Minutes This is a quick and easy side dish that tastes stunning alongside any barbecue dish. Take a look at...

Jun 18, 2014

BBQ 'Slaw Recipe

Time: 30 Minutes 'Slaw is a staple for BBQ in the USA. Personally, we've always had an issue with coleslaw in the UK...

Feb 13, 2013

Honey Cider Chutney Recipe

Time: 60 Minutes This is a stunning side for any Halloween or Christmas party! Goes great with cheese and cold meats...
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