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Japanese Yuzu BBQ Sauce

Japanese Yuzu BBQ Sauce

This premium quality ponzu yuzu sauce is made using a combination of traditionally and slowly fermented Tamari soy sauce and juice from yuzu citrus fruits. With a delicious citrus taste from the yuzu fruit, this is certainly a different kind of sauce. Widely used in Japanese dishes, ponzu can be used as it is as a dipping sauce, or as a glaze or marinade. Add a little Asian citrus flavour to your dishes. This ponzu is a perfect balance of sweet, savoury and citrus flavours, and it is perfect for enjoying as a marinade or salad dressing.

How to use it:  This is outstanding with pork, chicken or seafood as a marinade, glaze, and stir-fry. Also, great as a dressing for salads or grilled meats or as a dipping sauce

Allergens: Soy

27th Best Speciality BBQ Sauce in the world at the American Royal out of 388 entries

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