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Cactus Jack Smokers

The very thick-walled steel grills, handcrafted in Europe, are versatile and offer numerous practical extras for a special kind of grilling experience. Whether you are already an experienced grill master or are just discovering your enthusiasm, our smoker range has the right “Jack” for everyone there.

catus jack offset smoker

Heavy Duty Construction

If there's one thing you want from an offset smoker, it's thick steel walls. This is the single most important thing, a thick-walled offset smoker will run at an easy consistent temperature once it's heated.
Cheap offset smokers with thin walls will lose heat faster than your fire can supply heat, and become impossible to run and manage a consistent fire.
A steady heat running through a well-built smoker like ours will cook food faster and better.
Heat fluctuations will have you frustrated and forever running late on cooks, the better the smoker the easier it is to use.
Our Cactus Jack offset smokers are built-in 7mm steel all around and weigh in excess of 180 kg.
A true lifetime BBQ smoker.
Traditional vs Reverse Flow

Traditional flow is the heat running from the firebox, through the cooking chamber and out of the chimney, simply right to left. This diagonal heat path of the air means you can utilize different temperatures in the cook chamber for ultimate cooking flexibility.

Reverse flow is a lower smokier cooking technique, where you direct the heat flow under a plate, then back across the food.

Traditional is our chosen method every time, but if you wanted the reverse flow for a certain type of cook, you will just need our reverse flow kit consisting of a second chimney and steel baffle plate.

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