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Pit Barrel Junior Select Package Testimonial

This is my review of the Pit Barrel junior select package bbq. by Gashead3

After deliberating which bbq to get to go to alongside my kamado grill and watching lots of YouTube videos,  I decided on a pit barrel junior. The bbq was perfectly packaged,  and the setup could not be easier. Just attach the handle to the lid, screws and tools included.  No pre-burn is required,  just set it up, and you are ready to cook. With the Select package, you get the small charcoal chimney,  a hinged grill and the ash pan, all of which complement the bbq.

My 1st cook was a rack of baby back ribs, membrane removed,  covered with pork rub, and set up the pit barrel as per the instructions; the temperature ran between 275f to 300f. After 11/2 hours, cover the ribs with sauce and cook for a further 20 mins; the ribs are perfect. 

My 2nd cook was ribs. This time using the included rub and jerk marinated chicken wings, the temperature and cooking time was the same as my 1st cook.                                                   This is my 1st time hanging food to cook, and the results are just great. I fully recommend the pit barre.

pit barrel junior
pit barrel ribs
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