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PK Grills

The Art Of Grilling Just Got An Upgrade

Here we bring you the flagship PK Grills model, the PK 360; it's simply stunning.
The PK engineers took over 40 years of experience from the previous model and developed this 360 version. It's bigger, better, with a ton more features. 
This BBQ has all the benefits of a ceramic kamado, with non of the drawbacks.
We are not kidding when we tell you this will last a lifetime.

pk grills pk360

Designed To Stand Out And Last

Not only does this grill look stunning, but it will also stay that way; everything on it is corrosion-resistant.
From the PK360 cast aluminium shell, duriduim plastic shelving and 304 stainless steel grates inside.
It doesn't necessarily need a cover, but we have them if you want them.
We think you will agree, there's nothing quite like this grill in the UK, and we're excited to bring you another premium option for outdoor grilling, along with low and slow.

Advanced Materials Never Before Seen In BBQ

The PK engineers pride themselves on taking existing materials used in BBQ and finding a better version. One example is the black durabilium side shelves, designed exclusively for the new PK360.
The shelves are formed from high quality glass-fibre reinforced polyester that is highly heat resistant, super durable and easy to clean.
The shelves are removable and stowed easily using the integrated side handle hooks on the PK.
Also very strong, they can withstand the heaviest of cast iron pans.
No longer do BBQ side shelves have to be useless!

pk grills pk360
pk grills

4 Vents For All Cooking Options

Having 4 vents on your cooker means you can manipulate heat flow much more accurately than a kettle or Kamado style BBQ. 
Plus, its shape lends itself excellently to ''2 zones'' cooking.
If you're slow cooking, build a fire on one side, open the vent underneath it, then set your food off to the other side, opening the vent above; this will slowly draw heat and smoke across your food for hours, but you can still sear at the end over the hot coals.
Want to grill across the whole surface? No problems, open all the vents and shut the lid to snuff flare-ups. 


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