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Turn your Borniak Smoker (All models) into a cold smoker with this Stainless Steel smoking adapter.

By attaching directly to your Smokers Smoke Generator and then attaching the Adapter to your smoker via a standard flexi duct, you can produce all of the smoke that you need for smoking but with no heat, making it the perfect environment for cold smoking.

  • Perfect for smoking ham, fish, salami and cheese.
  • Easy to install.

Many connoisseurs consider the taste of cold smoked food as more sophisticated. The cold smoke adapter is a perfect solution for everyone who wants to try this method.

Smoking with cold smoke takes place at temperatures up to 24°C. It takes several hours up to 16 days (except that smoking products should not always be in smoke). Normally, the generator is switched on for 2 hours in the morning and two hours in the evening unless the recipe we use indicates otherwise.

The smoke generator, which is part of the smoker, has a 110W heater. This heater can heat up to 40°C. The adapter allows you to lower the temperature to the conditions of cold smoking, and as a result, we obtain a temperature in the chamber only 2 degrees higher than the atmospheric temperature.

The adapter is mounted to the generator and connected to the chamber with a spiro (flex) pipe. The length of the smoke supply pipe should be within the range of 1.2 – 2m

NOTE! Flexi tube not included

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