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Set of 4 Borniak wheels, compatible with all V1.4 model Borniak smokers

  • BORNIAK WHEELS: Four wheels with a diameter of 50mm made of rubber allows the smoker to be moved without lifting. You smoke where you want.
  • FLEXIBLE USE: Thanks to the use of four swivel wheels, manoeuvring and moving becomes even easier.
  • ANTI-SLIP: Tread wheels have grooves for extra grip.
  • BUILT-IN BRAKES: Each wheel has a brake. You can be sure that after blocking the wheels, the smoker will be in the right place.

The smoker wheels are equipped with a brake and a rotating axle. If your smoker does not have a permanent place or you need to move it quickly, this is a must-have addition to the smoker. You can easily replace feet with the wheels and smoke where it is most convenient for you. Forget about lifting and falling parts when moving smoker. Thanks to the four swivel wheels, you will feel like smoking even more.

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