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Heavy duty cast iron steak weight with wooden handle ideal for using in steakhouses, other restaurants or simply at home when cooking steaks and burgers.

Place the weight on top of the meat you would like to cook.

This forces the steak onto the grill whilst the heat from the steak is retained in the weight and transfers back into the meat, assisting the cooking process.

Helps prevent meat curling

The wooden handle stays cool

  • Material: This Iron steak press is made from heavy-duty cast iron and made. Size:108mm x 210mm, for grilling as well as pan purpose.
  • Removable Handle: The wood handle stays cool and eliminates the risk of getting burnt, which helps prevent the meat from curling. the handle of the burger press is attached through removable screws.
  • Innovative Design: Put the Bacon Press on top of the bacon strips and leave it there while the bacon is cooking. It causes the cooked bacon to come out as perfectly flat, straight strips and reduces the amount of fat that can splatter from the bacon.
  • On the Outdoor Grill: Use a bacon press on your outdoor barbecue grill to quick-cook meats on both sides at the same time. Just heat up the press on the grill before you start cooking and place it on top of the meat when you begin cooking.
  • Widely Used: Often used on outside grills, the smash burger press can also be employed inside with a kitchen skillet, flat stovetop pan, cast iron grill, and more.
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