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Natural sea salt is infused for 7 days with Chardonnay White wine to produce a luxurious and decadent salt. Hints of Citrus come through, making this perfect to salt any fish before roasting. This Chardonnay Salt is floral on the nose and citrus on the palate. A little touch of luxury for the kitchen.

A great wine gift or addition to any spice cabinet for any Wine Lover.

There are so many ways you can use these salts. They are great for sprinkling colour and flavour on top of your dish or drink as a finishing salt. Or you can use them as a rimming salt for your favourite drink.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our infused salts. We use very high-quality wines and salt and slowly infuse each and every batch. Our wine salts are all small batches produced to ensure the highest quality. We take a lot of pride in the ingredients we use and our end product.
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