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Dry ageing beef bags employ a specially formulated combination of polymers, creating a single-layer material that is both moisture - and oxygen-permeable, like a membrane.

Fragile, when first sealed, the dry ageing beef bag will form a bond with the moist proteins on the surface of the meat within the first several days.

Once bonded, it protects off flavours and contamination, allowing you to dry age in any commercial refrigeration unit without requiring UV lighting or specialised humidity control.

Although the bag is not a vacuum material, it is possible to Vacuum Pack the Meat inside and create a perfect bond. This method does NOT pose the same risk of anaerobic bacterial growth as in other methods.


For usage instructions on how to use these Dry Age Beef Bags - see the pdf links below:

GUIDE: How To Use Dry Age Beef Bags Using a Chamberless Vacuum Packer

This is the home-use vacuum sealer like the Andrew James / Food saver

Each Dry Age Beef Bag comes with one vacuum strip so that it is ready to use.

More vacuum strips are available.

GUIDE: How To Use Dry Age Beef Bags Using a Chamber Vacuum Packer

This is the bigger machine butchers use

*** Tublin & QCP Brand ***

These Dry Age Bags are from the Tublin & QCP brand - which is known for its high quality which provides the following benefits:

  • Tenderness - Natural enzymatic activities improve tenderness during safe Tublin curing and drying.
  • Flavours - Natural meat flavours improve during safe Tublin curing and drying.
  • Curing—Dry curing is easy when Tublin ensures a microclimate per product, ensuring minimum yield loss and improved safety.
  • Safety—Cross-contamination is eliminated during Drying/Curing as Tublin ensures a microclimate and microbiologically safe environment per product.
  • Process—Drying and yield optimization are improved. Tublin ensures equal drying for every product due to its special water transmission membrane properties.
  • Value - Standard Meat quality easily upgrades to premium quality.
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