Hot Sauce Gift Set - Ghost, Scorpion , & Carolina Reaper Chillies

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Feel the Heat - 3 hot sauces made using the 3 Hottest chillies in the World

Carolina Reaper 2.2 Million SHU- Trinidad Scorpion 2 Million SHU- Ghost Chilli 1 million SHU

Feeling brave?

We've chosen our 3 Hottest chilli sauces, ranging from almost manageable to downright unreasonably, hiccup inducing, sweat pouring, crying into your milk hot!!How far can you get?

There's no better way to take on a hot sauce challenge than to cook up some wings, invite your friends and be brave!

If wings aren't your thing, try glazing cauliflower florets with hot sauce before roasting. Either way, good luck... 

This set includes:-

Reaver's Carolina Reaper Hot Chilli Sauce - 150ml

For our super hot sauce, we don't use capsicum extract to give it a bit of extra kick because it of its chemical after-taste. Instead, we use real Carolina Reaper Chillies both for flavour, their incredible heat, and the way it builds as you eat. Then we blend herbs and spices to pack in as much flavour because there no point to a hot sauce if you cannot taste anything but heat.

Reaver's Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Hot Chilli Sauce - 150ml

Made using fresh Trinidad Scorpion Moruga chillies one of the hottest in the world and briefly the world's hottest! This is our take on the Classic American Chipotle Sauce which is a versatile, spicy, and smoky sauce, and we substituted the usual Mexican Red Chillies with Trinidad Scorpion Moruga chillies to ramp up the heat level.

Reaver's Ghost Chilli Creole Sauce - 150ml

Creole Sauce is a cornerstone of Louisiana Cuisine rich with a lot of Southern charm. It’s happy with chicken, shrimp, sausage, pork, fish…it’s universal. It takes the great triumvirate of green bell peppers, onions and celery to a whole new art form. And when you throw in bay leaves, white pepper, Ghost Chilli (our touch), cayenne, oregano, thyme (another triumvirate unto itself) you can turn a plain old dinner into something to behold.

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