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Turn your BBQ skills to pastry or bread with the eye for the the perfect sour dough bread cooked on the Danish Fredstone. Oval in design this amazing Baking stone is lightweight yet durable and bakes tasty breakfast pastries in the morning or thin and crispy italian pizzas.

Fredstone is a unique pizza and baking stone that excels in its capabilities on your BBQ grill or in your oven. Explore a wide variety of baking methods from breads and pastries to gourmet pizzas and more... the possibilities are endless.  Achieve that perfect bake with a "light and crispy" crust every time!

  • Food Safe and Easy to Use 100% NON TOXIC
  • Perfect for Cooking on any Grill or in any Oven
  • Bake Great Tasting Pizza, Breads, Pastries and More!
  • Withstands Temperatures Over 2000F


  • Oval 18x16" Pizza Stone - Made in Denmark
  • Perfect for the Large Oval Primo


  • Oval 23x16" Pizza Stone - Made in Denmark
  • Perfect for X-Large Primo Grill
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