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Introducing our Jalapeño Coriander and Lime Hot Sauce, a bold fusion of flavours that will elevate your taste buds to new heights. Aged for two years in an Oak Spanish Rioja Barrel, our hot sauce marries the fiery essence of green jalapeños with the freshness of coriander and a zesty splash of lime.

Get ready to embark on a flavour adventure as the vibrant blend of coriander and jalapeños creates a bold taste sensation that you're guaranteed to love! Our Coriander Jalapeño Hot Sauce will quickly become your go-to condiment for all your Mexican-inspired cuisine, adding a mild sweetness and a quick kick of heat to every dish.

Directions for Use:

  • Transform your burgers or elevate your cheeseboard with a dollop of our Coriander Jalapeño Hot Sauce.
  • Perfectly complement your fish tacos, beef tacos, vegan tacos, or any tacos with a generous drizzle of our flavorful sauce.
  • Get creative in the kitchen by mixing our hot sauce with mayo, tartar sauce, or whisking it into a vinaigrette to give your salads a quirky kick.

Experience the bold flavors of our Jalapeño Coriander and Lime Hot Sauce and add a fiery twist to your culinary creations today!

Ingredients: Aged Jalapeno, White Wine Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Apple Juice, Lime, , Green Pepper, Maple Syrup, Sea Salt, Coriander, Lime Leaf.

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