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Jack the Ripper Classic Leather Apron

The lightweight 3 Part leather Apron is made from premium Leather that is sustainably sourced. Embossed with the FireFly Logo in copper and made using a special treatment that creates a unique two-tone pattern

Unisex – adjustable from S to XL

  • Made by Stalwarts Crafts
  • Adjustable leather neck strap with buckle
  • Comfortable leather neck patch
  • Adjustable leather hip strap with buckle
  • Pocket
  • Tong Strap
  • 0.675 kg
  • 86 cm x 64 cm x 0.25 cm

Jack The Ripper leather has a unique vintage look and feel, thanks to the special treatment it receives at our local tannery. The leather is produced with a two-colour pattern effect; the base of the leather is red and has a black top layer, resulting in a beautiful dark mottled finish with the red showing through.

However, please note that because this leather has an open structure, it is not suitable for excessive staining on a day-to-day basis.

Why the Name - Jack the Ripper?

In the early days of the hunt for Jack the Ripper, police enquiries amongst the prostitutes of Whitechapel had revealed that these women were, apparently, fearful of a man known as Leather Apron.

The Star Newspaper

“… He is five feet four or five inches in height and wears a dark close fitting cap. He is thickset, and has an unusually thick neck. His hair is black, and closely clipped, his age being about 38 or 40. He has a small black moustache. The distinguishing feature of his costume is a leather apron, which he always wears, and from which he gets his nickname.

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