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Traditional Texan Southern USA BBQ Flavours. Cowboys Choice!

Mesquite pellets are perfect for naturally enhancing Chicken, Beef, and Fish with a hearty BBQ flavour. 

Just 100% Mesquite. No Bark, no added filler woods like oak or alder and no flavour oils. 

  •  100% Mesquite wood pellets: real wood pellets are made from all-natural 100% Pure Mesquite hardwood and contain no binding agents or fillers; the package may vary
  • Perfect for all pellet grills: FireFly Barbecue Wood pellets are easy to use and perfect for pellet, gas and charcoal grills, including DIY smokers and wood pellet smoker tubes.
  •  Made in the EU: FireFly Barbecue Wood pellets for grilling are made in the EU of all-natural 100% Mesquite hardwood sourced from across the EU for authentic wood-smoked flavour. 
  • Better wood, better flavour: The Mesquite hardwood in these wood pellets contains 0% dyes, 0% cheap wood Fillers, 0% oils and 0% preservatives, just authentic flavour
  • Temperature control: these BBQ pellets keep the temperature of your grill consistent for even heat to enhance your grilling experience and add full-bodied flavour to everything you cook

Ideal for the Ninja Wood Fire electric BBQ

For Pellet Grills such as Traeger, Weber, PitBoss, and GMG it is recommended that you empty out your hopper before using different pellets. This is because different woods have different BTUs (British Thermal Units) energy if you like, and when you start your grill, it will calibrate how fast it needs to burn pellets to maintain a temperature. If you have a blend of pellets to start with a high BTU and move on to a different blend during the cook, you may see the temperature drop or increase. At this point, you should stop and restart your grill, and it will recalibrate to the new pellets. 

Due to their weight and discounted price, these are excluded from our £50 Free Delivery.

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