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Monolith Ceramic Grills From Qubox


Our MONOLITH charcoal is a high-end charcoal from certified German forestry, in which only oak wood is refined using the controlled retort process. Modern and efficient manufacturing extracts tars and acids to produce an evenly charred, 85 % carbon content, energy-rich charcoal. The prime sized 4 – 12 cm lumps create the ideal packing density in the fire box / charcoal basket optimising air flow and heat intensity.
Thanks to the perfect carbonisation, Monolith charcoal ignites very quickly and 200 -250°C can be reached in 10 – 15 minutes. The high energy value of 31,700 kJ / kg ensures high temperatures can be achieved and
sustained on demand.

Monolith Charcoal 8kg Features: 

  • Large 8KG Bag of Charcoal
  • 100% All Natural
  • Clean Burning
  • Low Ash Residue
  • Creates a wood-fired, smoky flavour
  • Approximately 18lb Bag
  • Developed for use with Monolith Grills
  • Also for use with other Charcoal Grills
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