MONOLITH Classic Pro-Series 1.0 - SGS (Smart Grid System)

MONOLITH Classic Pro-Series 1.0 - Smart Grid System

The Monolith Classic PRO-Series 1.0 - SMART Grid System can be retro-fitted to all existing Monolith Classic models so that they can also take advantage of the enhanced performance offered by the PRO-Series 1.0 innovation.

The SMART Grid System consists of two half moon cooking grates, two half moon interlocking drip trays and two half-moon deflector stones which all can be positioned in any one of 4 height settings of the stainless steel frame which they are built into. The stainless steel frame can be easily lifted in and out of the Monolith Classic in one simple movement.


  • Metal frame and ring, carry handle
    2 x half drip pans
    2 x half deflector stones
    2 x half grids

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