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Nick the Greek herb & spice food rub  


*Gourmet BBQ and world street food rubs, spices, and seasonings

*100% natural ingredients, MSG-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly. No Anti-Caking Agents we add no rubbish to our products, only the very best.

*Big on flavour perfect for any occasion whether it's in the home kitchen, professional kitchen or for that BBQ enthusiast in all of use. Our full range of rubs and sauces will help take your cooking up a notch or two, cook just like the pros.

*Made in the UK, we only use the very best and finest intendants our rubs and sauces big on flavour a little goes a long way, our rubs and sauces have helped us win cooking, and BBQ competitions and are used in our restaurant kitchens it tried and tested with the very best results.

*Simply rub, sprinkle on the spice mix before cooking 1 to 3 hours before for best result to add layers of flavour and depth to your food we all love mouth-watering with big flavourful. Add a little love from the streets. Help you get there.

*Nick the Greek a delicious spice blend perfect for all types of chicken, pork, beef, lamb, salmon, seafood, mutton, game, vegetables, salads, compound flavoured butter and salsas, not forgetting rice dishes- perfect on that Sunday roast chicken and duck fat potatoes that's what Sundays are made for.

It is inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean.  Nick will Panda to your herby flavour requirements. Fragrant toasted spices, herbs & zesty lemon combine for a fantastic taste.  If you love Greek flavours, then it has to be Nick the Greek.

Mild with little to no heat.  


Sea salt, cumin, garlic, coriander, caraway, oregano, thyme, cayenne, lemon, peppermint, marjoram, sage, parsley, basil, Aleppo chilli.